Love Is..?

27 06 2007

Im just curious. But what do you all consider love. More than a feeling?

Or is it just the way you feel about someone.

Is it a simple definition like,

  1. I’d die for them.. so therefore I love them
  2. I’d say love is  taking  like  to the extreme
  3. Love is what your genes to do trick you into producing more of them
  4. People are attracted to one another at first through physical attributes which for women make them more suitable for child-bearing, and for men, make them better hunters
  5. Love is that special thing you feel when you see her shove the third dead homeless guy into the trunk of her beat-up old Ford
  6. Love is self sacrifice

Im just not really sure. Im sure it’s different for everyone, so I’d like to hear what you have to say……

Any thoughts?




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